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About Us

SymTrend Inc. was founded in 1998. Its mission is to revolutionize behavioral and mental health care through broad, powerful, yet easy-to-use applications of information technology to routine, individual patient care and special education. To achieve this goal, SymTrend Inc. has invented and developed the SymTrend treatment support system. The SymTrend system combines the power of the Internet, of mobile technology, and of advanced statistical methods to form the first comprehensive treatment support system for special education and behavioral health care.

The founders, through their clinical and personal experience designed SymTrend to:

  • Produce information that is more accurate, complete, clear, and timely.
  • Identify triggers of persistent symptoms and challenging behaviors and highlight strategies to manage them.
  • Resolve medication and other care management issues faster and more definitively.
  • Reduce misinformation and its untoward consequences.
  • Boost patient functioning, while boosting clinical efficiency.
  • Coordinate care across disciplines and families.
  • Alleviate family tensions that arise when illness strikes a member.
  • Reduce the cost of care through these care quality improvements.

The SymTrend Team

The clinical directors of SymTrend are well known for inventive, practical, behavioral approaches to optimizing the functioning of those contending with a debilitating psychiatric, neurological, or developmental condition. Many of the clinical affiliates at SymTrend are on the staff of the Harvard Medical School and are leaders in their disciplines. They include psychiatrists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychometricians, and statisticians who have authored original research and contributed chapters to textbooks.

Business Leadership
Minna Levine, PhD, President, combines experience in two sectors: medicine/academia (Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Northeastern University, and Children's Hospital, Boston) and management/marketing (Bank of Boston, Mercer Management Consulting, and Forbes Consulting Group). In each sector, Minna engaged in information systems development. At Children's Hospital, she authored the first clinical database for day-to-day tracking of patient reports in 1991. At Northeastern University, she managed and helped design a campus-wide, pre-Internet, e-mail and class bulletin board system in 1988. Minna led the transformation of the SymTrend prototype into the SymTrend system. She also managed SymTrend's three small business grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and the development of its tools for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Clinical Scientific Leadership
Ron Calvanio, PhD, was the inventor of the SymTrend prototype. He is an Instructor, Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, the co-author of numerous research reports in neuroscience journals such as Brain, Neurology, Neuropsychologia, and Brain Injury, and a consultant to clinical trials. For nineteen years, Ron was Director of Neuropsychology at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, a Partners Healthcare System hospital and the largest rehabilitation hospital in United States and is now a member of the Neurology Department of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. In addition to contributing to the design of the SymTrend system, he has used it in the evaluation and care of a diverse patient population: individuals with Aspergers, brain injury, migraine headaches, “spells”, and fatigue.
Jane Holmes Bernstein, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer - Children, is part of the Neuropsychology Program at the Children's Hospital, Boston and was its director until the fall of 2004. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology (Psychiatry), Harvard Medical School. Jane is a nationally recognized authority on child neuropsychology. Jane teaches locally and nationally on the assessment of behavior in children. She has worked to make SymTrend useful for children, adolescents, and parents.
Dorothy (Dot) Lucci, M.Ed.,CAGS, Consultant - Children, is Director of Consultation at Massachusetts General Hospital/Aspire. She is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant regarding children diagnosed with ASD and has published in peer reviewed journals. She is on the Board of Directors of the Asperger's Association of New England and is an adjunct faculty member at Lesley University and Antioch University and a school psychologist by training.

Statistics Leadership
Richard Goldstein, PhD, is a nationally recognized biostatistician who has published widely on statistical software and recently won the coveted Mosteller award of the Boston Chapter of the American Statistical Association. Rich is a lecturer in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School.

Advisory Board
Dan Bricklin, MBA, is a nationally recognized and honored pioneer in PC and web software design. Dan invented the PC spreadsheet while at the Harvard Business School and holds patents for other software innovations. He holds an honorary doctorate of letters from Newbury College. Dan has been on SymTrend Inc.'s advisory board since the company's inception and remains in close contact to advise about system design and strategic business matters. Dan is also a member of the SymTrend Board of Directors.
Gary B. Mesibov, PhD, is a nationally recognized leader in Autism research and practice. He was director of Division TEACCH at the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill and a professor in the Department of Psychology and Department of Psychiatry at UNC/Chapel Hill for many years. He has written extensively on the subject of Autism and on the TEACCH structured teaching method. Gary has been the Principal Investigator on two small business grants with SymTrend.

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