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New Application for Recording Discrete Trials Training Observations

SymTrials adds discrete trials training (DTT) observations to SymTrend, the most comprehensive system for behavioral recording, analyzing, and reporting. SymTrend already includes tools for interval recording, task analysis, FBAs, and obsdervations by OTs, PTs, SLPs, teachers, and families.


  • Download it for free from the iTunes store. See what it's like by logging into the demo account on the initial screen. Once you start the app, you can select from a library of programs and record some trials for the demo student.
  • This initial version requires a SymTrend site license to use with your clients.


Transfer all your discrete trial recording and reporting from paper to the SymTrend system.

  • Set up all your client’s discrete trial programs online: SymTrend's easy-to-use forms for adding objectives, criteria for advancement, procedures, prompts, steps, and discriminative stimuli make the switch from paper easy.
  • Create a library of applications that can be customized for each client.
  • Then run all discrete trials on your iPad and interval recording, task analysis, and ABC recording on any device.
  • Access details about the last three trials on the iPad at any time so you can update prompt levels and/or steps easily.

The screen below shows a page of the iPad app for recording two different programs. The recording for the first program on the left, Color Block Naming 2 Stimuli, is complete. You can see the procedure that was entered on line (when the program was first set up) indicating which stimuli should be presented together and which stimulus is the target. The observer has typed in which materials were used that day. You can see the green checks indicating a “+” and the red Xs indicating “-” scores. On the right side of the page is a form for a second trial, for which the observation is not yet complete. Note the different procedure and materials. Note the buttons that are pressed as the observer records the accuracy of the child’s response.

Screen shot of SymTrials forms partially filled out.

The screen below shows the pop-up window for accessing the functions for selecting a student, creating new forms, and synching the data to the server.

Screen shot of SymTrials options window.

The screen below shows the pop-up window for accessing the past data so that you can determine if the criteria for moving to the next step level have been met.

Screen shot of SymTrials student progress window.

The screen below shows a graphic of data from DTT data plotted with SymTrend’s reporting tools. SymTrend makes it easy to add phase lines indicating a change in prompt levels and/or steps.

Graphic with DTT data with prompt on separate line.

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