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See What SymTrend ADL is Like

There are four steps to helping you child master activities of daily living. Here is a preview of what you do.

4 step directions

Use a recording schedule that works for you:

  • Record right after each ADL.
  • Record after getting your child up (and out).
  • Record in the evening about getting your child to bed and about health and activities that day.
  • Review the events of the week – the skills achieved, step-by-step.
  • See what sensory issues, home conditions, or frustrations may have disrupted the ADL.
  • Learn what led to negative behaviors and what happened after.
  • Look for patterns.
  • Check the Strategize section to find a training aid or plan to help your child.
  • Use the strategy or aid for a week.
  • Rerun the reports and contrast the events of the two weeks.
  • If there has been a positive change, continue and check again a week later.
  • If there's been no change, look at the report to see if other issues are more apparent now.
  • Enter medications, supplements, and treatment programs your child currently receives.
  • When you start using a new strategy, diet, or piece of adaptive equipment, enter it into a new record.
  • Use the strategy for a week or more, unless it causes significant problems.
  • Include the treatment changes in your graphs to monitor their impact.

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