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Other Medical Problems

Are you struggling to balance pain medication and clear-headedness?
Are you trying to monitor your parent's health from a distance? Are you interested in your parent's caregiver keeping you informed about blood pressure, sleep, blood sugars, weight, or edema?
Do you want to keep yourself in balance by tracking your exercise, weight, diet, fatigue, stresses, and mood?

SymTrend can help!

SymTrend® is an easy-to-use aid for tracking and understanding almost any physical or mental health challenge and for monitoring almost any treatment. It helps you and your clinician see connections among symptoms, feelings, thoughts, and behavior and side effects of treatment, external stresses, and daily activities. It also helps you keep a record of your treatments. To get an idea of how SymTrend can be used for one of the issues listed below, select another Health Challenges above to watch a video.

SymTrend's applicability is not limited to the seven health challenges with examples on the Home Page. The SymTrend Health Log library has logs for the following conditions:

Chronic Medical Conditions

General Health
Elder Care
Weight Management

Neurological Problems
Brain Injury
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's Disease
Restless Leg Syndrome

Back Pain

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