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Are you trying to help a child with autism to function better?
Is self-care, schoolwork, or job performance an issue that needs to be addressed?
Are you trying to figure out if your child's behavior is due to sensory sensitivities, diet, or sleep? Do you want to track the effectiveness of therapy, medications, or diet supplements?

SymTrend can help!
Click below to watch a video about SymTrend use to track and manage behaviors and perform functional behavior assessments.
Recent Autism-related SymTrend Enhancements

Families: Do you have a child who has challenging behaviors and/or difficulties with activities of daily living (dressing, grooming, bathing, eating, sleeping, toileting)? SymTrend Standard has general applications like those in the video above and for trial with the link below the iPhone on the right. In addition, SymTrend has developed two applications that have separate websites: SymTrend ADL and No More Meltdowns.

Professionals: Are you looking to change from paper recording to electronic data capture and automatic charting?

Read about how SymTrend can be used for:
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