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Asperger Syndrome

Do you have difficulty detecting and responding to social cues?
Does your schoolwork or job suffer due to organizational or emotional difficulties?
Do you get stuck on talking about your interests or on other people not following rules?

SymTrend can help!
Click below to watch a video about SymTrend use for paired observations by a teen and a teacher to help the teen manage social behavior and emotions.

This video shows SymTrend on a Palm computer. You can see how SymTrend works on an iPhone/iPod touch or online at the right.

Recent Asperger-related SymTrend Development

Families and Individuals with Aspergers: SymTrend is developing two applications for use by individuals with Aspergers for self-monitoring. One is an enhancement of the log displayed above. Teens can use this app for management of social pragmatics in class, emotion self-regulation, and monitor stressors. A teacher app matches this app for simultaneous recording by a teacher or coach for comparison with the student recording. The second app is for older teens and young adults to use for self-management of executive functioning and life skills: chores, activities, time management, mood/energy, and money management. We encourage you to try out the apps and review the PDF file that displays screen shots from the apps. Look at the help for each screen that explains the terms we’ve used. Please provide suggestions for changes or enhancements on our blog. Let us know if you want to try it out (email

Try the School Self-Monitoring/Guidance Log >>

Try the Executive Functioning/Life Skills Sample Log >>

Review the screen shots of the Executive Functioning/Life Skills Sample Log and learn how the log can be used for improving Executive Functioning/Life Skills» .

Review the screen shots of the School Self-Monitoring/Guidance Log.

Professionals: Are you looking for ideas to improve self-management by students and young adults in the transition years?

Read about how SymTrend can be used for:

SymTrend’s News page has links to descriptions of research by SymTrend and MGH YouthCare on the benefits of simultaneous recording by teens and adults.

Professionals can subscribe to SymTrend to gain access to its authoring tool to customize applications like these for their clients/students. Some professionals partner with their clients in the app design.

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